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2 pint kit 1 - 1 plastic

10 gallon kit 1 - 1 plastic




Engineering Materials - General Purpose - Silicone Foams

Details: R1-2354 - High Strength Soft 40 Ib/ft? (5.15 kg/m?)

Product Profile: R1-2354P.pdf
MSDS PDF A: R12354A.pdf
MSDS PDF B: R12354B.pdf
Basic Product Overview:
Section: Engineering Materials - General Purpose
Description: Silicone Foams
NuSil ID: R1-2354
Cure System: PT Addition
Cure Time/Temp: 10 M / R.T.
Specific Gravity: 0.45
Tensile psi Typical: 100
Tensile MPa Typical: 0.69
Operating Temp: -65 to 200
Mix Ratio: 1:1
Colour: Trans
Comments: High Strength Soft 40 Ib/ft? (5.15 kg/m?)


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