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NuSil ID Cure System
Work Time
Mix Ratio
MED-6321 - - - - 1:1 Two-component low viscosity optically clear liquids blend easily to silicone gel
MED-6322 1:1 An optically clear silicone gel manufactured under controlled conditions
MED-6340 Platinum Addition 3 HR 1:1 Low Penetration Medium Tack Gel
MED-6342 Platinum 1:1 Soft silicone adhesive
MED-6345 Platinum 1:1 Soft silicone adhesive
MED-6350 Platinum 1:1 Soft silicone adhesive
MED-6362 Platinum 1 h 1:1 Soft silicone adhesive
MED-6370 6 HR 1:1 High purity, optically clear, medium to firm silicone gel
MED-9050 1 Part A one-part, dimethyl crosslinked gel dispersed in cyclopentasiloxane
MED12-6300 Platinum Addition 3:1 High Penetration Soft Gel
MED12-6381 Tin Condensation 97 : 2.50 : 0.50 Firm RVT Gel
MED3-6320 - - - - 3:1 Optically clear 2 part silicone gel system of low viscosity liquids that blend easily




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