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Long Term Implantable

Low Durometer Silicones Designed for Soft Tissue Implant ApplicationsLow Durometer Silicones
Designed for Soft Tissue Implant Applications

NuSil’s MED-4801, MED-4805, and MED-4286 silicone elastomers bridge the gap between silicone gels and elastomers. When cured with heat, they yield low or ultra low durometers and subsequently provide softness near to that of many gel products, but with the increased cohesive strength of an elastomer.
Full details including a chart comparing their physical properties.

Long Term Implantable

NuSil long term implantable Medical silicone products may be considered as candidate materials for any application, including long term implantation of greater than 29 days. Usage of Nusil's short term implantable silicone products are limited to external use and less than 29 days implant..


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