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Colour Master Batches

Healthcare Restricted - Selection Guide
Restricted - Pigments, Additives and Fillers
Short Term Implantable

High Consistency Elastomers - 30 40 50 60 70 80 durometer


PST Logo - Silicone MoleculeDescription
• A series of colour masterbatches consisting of pigments dispersed in a vinyldimethyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane polymer
• Supported by USP Class VI biological testing, including:
• Systemic Toxicity Study w/ Extracts
• Intracutaneous Study w/ Extracts
• 7 Day Muscle Implantation
• Hemolysis Study
Applications & Benefits
• For easy and more precise pigmentation of LSR and low consistency materials, which may be injection molded
• Eliminates use of powders that may contaminate clean room environments
• Reduces production time
• Strict quality controls ensure colour consistency
• Homogeneity of masterbatch minimizes agglomerates

NuSil Technology’s MED-4900 series masterbatches are restricted products. They shall not be considered for use in human implantation for a period of greater than 29 days.

Colour Swatch

Polymer Systems Technology presents the debut of the NuSil Technology Colour Masterbatches for Healthcare Silicones.

The MED-4502 and MED-4900 series consist of pigments dispersed in a vinyldimethylterminated, polydimethylsiloxane polymer and are offered in a range of colours, including black, red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Custom colours, obtained through the blending of eight base colours, are available upon request.

These masterbatches eliminate the use of powders that may contaminate clean room environments and reduce production time. In addition, their strict quality controls ensure colour consistency. “NuSil sees the advantage of these masterbatches as two-fold, as incorporating pigments into elastomers in accurate amounts and without the mess is beneficial to fabricators serving the medical device community,” said Derek Williams-Wynn, Director of PST. “The device manufacturer can benefit by enhancing the aesthetics of their devices and/or improving the identification of size-specific devices” MED-4502 offers simple, accurate pigmentation of high-consistency silicone materials, which may be molded, calendared or extruded, while MED-4900 allows easy and precise pigmentation of LSRs and low-consistency materials, which may be injection moulded.

Both product lines are supported by master access files with the U.S. FDA; USP Class VI biological testing, including systemic toxicity, intracutaneous, seven-day muscle implantation; and hemolysis and 90-day muscle implantation with histopathology studies.

NuSil’s MED-4502 colour masterbatches are available in 50-gram and 454 gm, and 11.35 kg packaging, MED-4900 are available in 50-gram and one-, 3.63 kg- and 18.2 kg packaging.
For more information call 01494 446 610.

Full details MED-4900 Series Product Profile

Colour Swatch as a PDF File - Please note colours may not display 100% correctly!

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